Google OpenID Shutdown

Until April 20, 2015 it was possible to use Social Login with Google without having to setup a Google application in your OneAll account. This was made possible by using Google OpenID for sign in.

Several months ago we already added the possibility to switch to the newer Google+ protocol simply by setting up Google in your OneAll account. This setup was optional but has now become a requirement as Google has shutdown OpenID.

More about these changes here:

OpenID can no longer be used to login with Google accounts. OpenID 2.0 support was shut down in order to focus on the newer open standard OpenID Connect, which provides greater security for your account.

Due to this change you now have to setup Google in your OneAll account if you want to use or continue using the Google+ login on your website. Besides the one-time setup you don’t need to take any other action, we take care of the technical background.

If you see any errors while using OneAll to login with Google then please login to your OneAll account and follow the Google setup guide.