LinkedIn API Changes

Today LinkedIn has changed the permissions and availability of their API and divided the API into different groups: Sign-In, Sharing and Apply with LinkedIn.

The access to the last group (Apply with LinkedIn) now requires a special permission from LinkedIn.

Without the explicit permission from LinkedIn you can no longer retrieve data like for example a user’s job skills, certifications, patents and other information.

Requesting these details from LinkedIn without having the permission to do so will display an error to your users and prevent them from logging in. For this reason we have now disabled the corresponding options in the LinkedIn settings of our customers.

If your website or mobile application relies on that data, then you must request the permission to use it from LinkedIn and then re-enable the corresponding options in your OneAll LinkedIn Settings.

LinkedIn has also removed the possibility to retrieve the user’s contacts and to use direct messaging. These features are no longer functional will be removed from the LinkedIn settings: Send messages/invitations, Read Connections.

These changes do not require you to modify your OneAll site. OneAll takes take of the technical implementation and we have already adapted our system to the new LinkedIn API.

However, if your website or mobile app currently relies on LinkedIn contact or direct messaging features, you must double-check your setup to make sure that it still works as intended.